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Testbuchung - Kongress 1234

To learn the right approach

EventTitel is a demo event to test (englisch)

Mail to:

  • Client => In the text field "Mailadresse" of the form, the registered person's address
  • Hotel => In the text field "Hotesls => Email Hotel-Reservation" registered address
  • Conference Services => In the text field "Event =>" Email Conference Services (Event) "registered address, if empty the default address:

Use to test the hotels created here!

In order to prevent the frequent sending of unwanted test orders to hotels, three hotels were set up with their respective recipients. You can also use these hotels for manipulating and in-depth testing. With or without CC information. The following mail addresses were added:

  • Hotel Albert goes to:
  • Hotel Maria goes to:
  • Hotel Simone goes to:


Hotel Services

Hotel-Services ist eine Leistung von Conference Services.

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